Sustainable Step – Plastic Wrap

The Sustainable Steps series provides quick and easy tips about how to make more sustainable choices in your everyday life.

Plastic wrap is something many people think they can’t live without until they try reusable wax wraps. 

Wax wraps are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to plastic wrap because they can be used for almost everything plastic wrap can be used for.  I use wax wraps for cheese and avocado, to cover food in the fridge and to wrap my lunch for work.   

I have found that after a lot of use they do require a touch up of wax to ensure food stays fresh. It took about a year of constant use before I had to add a little wax to my wraps.

Touching up your wax wraps is as easy as melting some wax, spreading it onto the wrap, and gently ironing it.

Once you have the wax you can even start making your own wax wraps at home in the same way.

The only thing that I don’t use wax wraps for is raw meat (while I don’t eat meat the rest of my family does). I place raw meat in containers which can be put in the fridge or freezer until needed.     

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