Sustainable Step – Composting

The Sustainable Steps series provides quick and easy tips about how to make more sustainable choices in your everyday life.

One of the best things I ever did was start composting at home.  The amount of food waste that it has diverted from landfill in my home alone is astonishing. 

I have two compost bins, a standard bin that sits on the ground and a tumbling one. When one is full I leave it to do its composting magic while I start filling the other one. Usually by the time one is full the other is ready to be emptied so I can swap between them.

All of our fruit and vegetable scraps are composted along with egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds. Through spring and summer our yard provides enough brown material in the form of dried leaves and grass clippings to balance the green material in the compost bins. In the cooler months I use paper and cardboard as a brown material.

I also have a worm farm however I’ve found the worms aren’t able to keep up with the amount of fruit and vegetable scraps our family of four produces. I keep the worm farm because the kids and I love seeing the worms munch through our food waste and it provides plenty of worm liquid and worm castings.    

Thanks to my compost bins and worm farm I no longer need to buy compost because I always have a ready supply in the back garden. 

For more information about composting check out Choosing the best composting option for you.

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